Resource recognition is an often overlooked aspect of a survival situation, no matter what the setting. Making birch syrup (or any other syrup; there are lots of tappable trees) isn’t necessarily something I would try to use for food in a wilderness emergency, since it takes so much time and sap to make syrup. However, the raw sap is an excellent source of hydration, vitamins and minerals. Also, for a grid down/supply chain emergency, this is a great way to keep sugar on hand to reduce food monotony and can even be used in a diabetic emergency if you no longer have access to emergency glucose. Resource recognition, management, and utilization isn’t restricted to natural resources but includes manufactured and Human Resources as well.

ARTOS courses don’t just focus on teaching random skills that look cool. We apply purposefully selected preparedness principles and survival/medical skills to real-world context while encouraging outside-the-box thinking. Sign up for a 3-Day Survival and Wilderness First Aid Combo Course in Northwest Montana on Flathead Lake at

Learn to provide for all your essential needs in a wilderness emergency from preparedness and mindset principles to shelter and fire making to food and water procurement to rescue signaling techniques. You will also earn a Wilderness First Aid certification so you will be able to treat common outdoor medical and traumatic emergencies for extended durations using manufactured and improvised methods!

4 dates left for 2022:

June 3-5 July 1-3

August 12-14

Sept. 30-Oct. 2

Learn to be your own rescuer when help could be days away!

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