The last 2 days were gnarly. We got hit hard with snow and wind storms. Pretty frustrating at times plowing miles of road with an antique quad, but I had a good time doing it. Plans were made, plans were changed. There’s a lot of value in being adaptable. There are a lot of elderly living up here. Imagine if the roads were cut off and something happened. What if my appendix blew up? Living off the beaten path is not all fun and games but there’s a lot of learning experiences to be had if you’re open-minded.

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Course dates below ⬇️

2023 course dates are up and ready for sign up! Sign up for survival and Wilderness First Aid Courses in Northwest Montana on Flathead Lake at

2-Day Basic Survival Course:
May 6-7
Sept. 16-17

2-Day Wilderness First Aid Certification:
May 20-21
Oct. 21-22

3-Day Survival/WFA Combo (For those that want more of a challenge):
June 2-4
August 18-20
Oct. 6-8

1-Day All-Ages Intro To Survival Workshop (Great for kids):
July 22
August 5

Learn to provide for all your essential needs in a wilderness emergency from preparedness and mindset principles to shelter and fire making to food and water procurement to rescue signaling techniques and more. Earn a Wilderness First Aid certification so you will be able to treat common outdoor medical and traumatic emergencies for extended durations using manufactured and improvised methods!

Learn to be your own rescuer when help could be days away!

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