Composed and produced: OliveTreeBear
Lyrics and performance: OldWiseBear
Additional backing vocals: SharOnBear
Guest appearance: ByrneBear

This is probably one of the rarest occasions where a delicately-written and produced lyric video is made for the journey of a comedian/influencer/wizard-slayer/spell-breaker Owen Benjamin!

The sea-shanty (or chanty) is a genre of traditional folk song that was once commonly sung as a work song to accompany rhythmical labor aboard large merchant sailing vessels. OldWiseBear wrote his own lyrics that really inspired me to orchestrate a large-scale production and get other Bears on-board to record backing vocals and any other instrument they want from their studio.

Photos and videos have been hand-picked from social media accounts (and/or groups) of Bears from all over the realm. Credits are given at the end of the video.

Much love and respect to the entire Bear community. This is for all of you.


This is the third release by OliveTreeBear. The first 5 OliveTreeBear releases (Walk of One, The Fool’s Choir, Beartaria Sea Shanty, Crowned, and Assembly) are officially up on Spotify, Apple Music, etc and Subscribestar is active!……

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