Brand new survival experience Sept. 22-24 in Northwest Montana! Sign up today! More info at

Thanks @nico.system6 for the awesome video work!

What is it like to be stuck in the woods with limited equipment, food, and resources?

In this initial evolution of the ARTOS Survival Simulation series of courses, experience the first days of a real wilderness emergency.

Truly provide for your needs with just a knife, a water bottle, and a few other limited items while working with your team to solve problems that commonly occur in a survival situation. In this course, you will learn to:

Think and react appropriately to an emergency
Be a leader and a member of a team
Prioritize your needs
Build shelter and fire
Eat what you forage and trap
Source and purify all of your water
Persevere in the natural environment surrounding you without the luxuries of modern life
And more…

There will be unforeseen challenges created by your circumstances as well as by the ARTOS team. Are you ready to test your skills, gear, and fortitude? Join us this fall in Northwest Montana for an experience you will not forget!

More Flathead Valley, Montana 2023 course dates below! ⬇️

1-Day All-Ages Intro To Survival Workshop (Great for kids):
August 5

3-Day Survival/WFA Combo (For those that want more of a challenge):
August 18-20
Oct. 6-8

2-Day Basic Survival Course:
Sept. 16-17

2-Day Wilderness First Aid Certification:
Oct. 21-22

Learn to be your own rescuer when help could be days away!

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