Music written and produced by: OliveTreeBear

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This is the nineth release by OliveTreeBear. The first 8 OliveTreeBear releases (My Tribe, Honesty, Silly Game, Walk of One, The Fool’s Choir, Beartaria Sea Shanty, Crowned, and Assembly) are officially up on Spotify, Apple Music, etc and Subscribestar is active!

Future releases (including Happiness Is) will be distributed to streaming services like Spotify in batches of five (every five months). If you don’t want to wait to be able to playback this release on demand (it will continue to be available/free on YouTube, of course), subscribe at the Subscribestar link below. “Virtuoso” members will get instant download access for this song and all future releases, the day they’re released. The only place to get that immediate download access will be Subscribestar, so become a Virtuoso member for monthly, logos-driven music!

I really value your support.