Fire the guns
Fill ’em with smoke
A legion of Legends bringing them hope
Marching to war drums as they pound
Their glory is yet to be found

Bringing the thunder; Bringing the rain
Baptized by the mud and the pain
The lightening that sparks can’t be contained
The light in the darkness still remains
Capture the crush
Yea, capture the crush

Putting the hammer to the nail
Chasing dreams like it don’t stop
The heart of America is where the Legend’s come
To raise like the cream of the crop

So put on the Armor of God
Standing in the front of the frauds
Lifting their spirits up
We’ll show ’em a way
Get back in the fray
Cause the battle is yet to be won

Cause we ain’t just going to survive; we gonna thrive
We know what it takes to truly be alive
We know that glory still waits on the other side
Try with all your might to capture the crush

There’s angels and devils that fight for your soul
And we can win by the seeds that we sow
Raising the vibe
Building our tribe
Filling our spirits we’ll never be deprived
Never be vacated; never be lost
They’ll try with all their might to capture the crush