Written by OliveTreeBear and OldWiseBear
Performed by yours truly
(also did the video)

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Largely made with royalty-free Footage. Special thanks to Nikos Sofos for additional video editing, The Golden Ladle for the inspiring closeup footage of stars, Space Dimensions by AAvfx, Julius Horsthuis and bib993 for the inspiring 3D fractal animations, Imagine Hafakot, Filmsupply and Ronnie Q.

Inspired by the gift of life given to us by Our Loving Creator.

Dedicated to you all.


Today I go
Go toward the sun
To see what I’m made of
Don’t you cry, don’t worry none
This is my path
Walk of one

What lies ahead?
Am I to get burned?
Still have so much to learn
I will try, but can’t be sure
That I won’t fail
to return

When we are young we are given moves to make, routes to take
Guided over the river’s break and up the mountain’s face
We are provided milestones to seek, day after day, week after week
And when we speak it is to our teachers the words can be traced
But a day will come when you’ve finally found it—the top of the mountain
A day you had counted on for so long but what you see there will be an empty space
Because at that summit there will be no more guidance, you’ll have to supply it:
The next mountain for climbing, each step and the timing
Toward a new peak to seek, starting again from the base

All alone in a field
Bombs in the distance they are crashing
The fear that I feel becomes real as I dream of home
But now it is closing in
The fury, the sound, the wind
So it begins…

Destiny calls without a pause
No chance to regroup or prepare
But I stand tall and know now what the fight’s for
For the place that I came from
The grace of home and love

So press onward now despite all your doubts and make your family proud
Through explosions of dust and of sound go forth without flinching
Trust now in the strength you’ve been given passed down from times your ancestors had lived in
And with each breath take a mile by inching forward one step at a time
It is here it is now you will build and you’ll work and you’ll toil till your name is defined
A line in the sand drawn and cast down for all time through the pain and the wincing
For the place that you came from beckons you back now to the grace of home and love
To the glory of the skies above, and soon you’ll return if only you continue to yearn
for the good, for the true and the beautiful