His Instagram’s been nuked.
Yeah, another one killed.
But gather up, gather round
There’s still beans to be spilled.

This ain’t our first rodeo we all know the drill
We’ll rally up once more and we’ll all raise some hell.
With the crew that’s right beside you,
Kid, you’ll go far.
And we’ll live to tell the tale
With another battle scar
And all the first timers they make it look hard
And we do it cause we’re here boy!
You know we’ve got the heart!

so long live the @kingofbeartaria
United we stand and divided we fall
Long live the @kingofbeartaria
Wherever we go, we go one we go all

Well you know you’re doing right when the Tate got pissed
You’ve been banned for
Tate speech HEY look at this!

In his gay fucking accent,
He talks with a lisp.
Yeah you walk like a fag, man.
Stop waving your hips

You can take an FBI raid for all that we care.
Just don’t think you’ll pull another prank again on the bears
Your victim mentality won’t get you anywhere
So you can shove it up your ass with all the dildos that are in there.


I said Long live the king (long live the king)
I said long live the king (long live the king)
I said long live the king of Beartaria wherever we go we go one we go all